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Facts about Bulimia

The bulimia nervosa, one of the most common types of eating disorders, the patient is characterized by greedily eating ,and the increase in non-natural eating different foods and continuously, followed by stages of getting rid of these foods previously addressed, and this is to get rid of food intake in many ways, and one of them of a person vomiting deliberate, Through the introduction of a finger in the middle of his throat, or by the person using laxatives, or use the different types of laxatives. Also they are many bulimia tips for those who are suffer from this disease.

 the patient resorted to get rid of the former food eaten, to avoid weight gain. And usually suffering of people with bulimia, anorexia nervosa, although not usually coincided .
Facts about bulimia

# Facts about bulimia :

Symptoms: As people suffering with this disease, the same symptoms that accompany vomiting problem, a shortage of the most important in the body fluids,And tooth decay, and its destruction, and digestive problems. And those persons suffering from sore throat, and swelling of glands in the neck area

# Complications :

If not for the treatment of patients with bulimia, it leads to many health problems, Including an imbalance of chemicals in the body as a result of vomiting. Leads some people use laxatives , , To cause problems in kidney function, and to the occurrence of renal failure, and thus ultimately resort to dialysis. These people suffer from drought in body fluids as a result of continuous vomiting

# Diagnosis :
Diagnosis can be difficult when people with binge nervosa or bulimia, because most of these people have antibodies medium weight , Appears when diagnosed, there have been some problems, teeth and gum disease, and as a result of continuous vomiting,And destruction happening in the tooth enamel as a result of exposure to stomach acid,And can reveal blood tests on a lack of chemicals body

# Causes of Bulimia :

Although the exposure of both sexes to this problem, but it is more common in women, And especially teenage girls. And most of these people feel guilt and anxiety, and especially about the appearance of their body.And can be for many of the factors that cause this problem. Including genetic factors, and environmental Family, in addition to psychological factors, social, and cultural .

# Methods of Treatment :

Of the most important methods of treatment, is through support groups,And cognitive-behavioral therapy, and treatment with medication, - what is bulimia - therapy and the food. And is a method of treatment based support groups of less expensive ways , And are used to treat mild cases of people with bulimia. As for the behavioral treatment methods, shall be more focused on changing behavior and beliefs. Medicines and help get rid of mental disorders

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