Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This is The Best Bulimia Tips

Bulimia is very dangerous disease , you can treat bulimia if you follow your doctor , in this articles i will share with you some helpful Bulimia tips that can help you to treat bulimia.

You  need to recognize the danger, and the negative effects resulting from it, and also be honest with yourself, and be positive in your  thinking, and express what you have with yourself, and realize that bulimia is something of self-punishment, is an act of impulsive, often self-harms, it is aware of what I said can be changed cognitively, and this helps a lot in the treatment of bulimia.

best bulimia tips

Put yourself plans from which to Run your time, equilibrium between your homework, educational and marital , at the same time, specialized a time for your convenience , and specialist time to exercise , - Bulimia tips - it must also be some open your social horizons , for example, that in a participatory act of charity.

# Medication of bulimia:

 I agree with you that Prozac is ideal of drugs And very useful for the treatment of bulimia and the accompanying indigestion mood And feeling miserable , and the weakness of memory you have will improve in a very excellent , because it is the result of anxiety, distress and mood, and emotional instability. 

Dose of Prozac is to begin capsule once a day - After eating - keep them for two weeks , After that Make capsules per day and keep them for a month , after that make three capsules a day  , - Bulimia Tips - this is the required dose for the treatment of bulimia and the accompanying depression.  Bulimia tips

Are taking one capsule in the morning and two capsules in the evening, this therapeutic dose you keep them for a period of three months, this is not a long time Never , after that Reduce the dose to two capsules a day for six months , after that Make one capsule a day for another six months,  then capsule every day for a month, then stop taking the medication. 

You must be very strict with yourself on the subject of vomiting.

Through your intake of treatment in this way with the application of other guidelines I think you And God willing will improve your affairs so much. i hope that this Bulimia tips help you to kill bulimia.

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