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What is Bulimia Nervosa - Discover The Truth About Bulimia

If I talking about Bulimia tips , We should talking about the truth of bulimia and what is it Read this Article to know what is Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia (overeating) nervous (Bulimia Nervosa) is characterized by a cycle of continuous eating followed by some kind of acts (purifying) to prevent weight gain.

Researchers estimate that between a woman to three women out of every 100 women, are exposed to bulimia nervosa in the period from Heathen. For men, the levels do not constitute a diagnosis more than a dozen rates among women

What is Bulimia Nervosa

# Bulimia Nervosa Between extravagance and cleansing :

Americans increased their intake of calories a day (which explains the injury of one out of every three of them obese), the wasteful food includes eating very large amounts of food during a very limited period, -  Bulimia tips  usually within two hours.

when the patient is in the case of this wasteful, it has dealt with in accordance with the full of cakes instead of eating a piece or two pieces of it, or dealing with several liters of ice cream instead of the bowl one of them.

Describes the «Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Neurological Disorders» in its fourth edition The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM IV) two subtypes of bulimia nervosa, in accordance with the strategy employed by the patient to get rid of excess calories.

Patients who are diagnosed with type sub-named «purging», the most common types of Bulimia nervosa, they may examine their bodies themselves to vomit involuntarily and vomiting, or using laxatives or diuretics.

In the second type called «non-purging», patients may conduct exercise vigorously in order to stop eating for a day or more . Bulimia Tips

What is Bulimia Nervosa

# Diagnostic difficulties :

Thus, the cycle begins wasteful food deprivation and then it, in which the patient's eating up the degree of feeling physical pain, and then make up for it dramatically, so feel hungry

When the show such as the cycle of extravagance and cleansing of these, at least twice a week and last for three months, the situation is diagnosed as a disease of bulimia nervosa according to the guide neurological disorders .

However, the diagnosis can be difficult because sometimes people with bulimia nervosa feel ashamed of their behavior, food and indulge in secret, in the exercise of extravagance and cleansing processes.

 Because they getting rid of excess calories they have gained as a result of extravagance, the majority of patients maintain their weight as they are

 # Biological and psychological factors :

Studies indicated that bulimia nervosa hereditary 55 per cent, which means that the threats of inherited genetic factors play a role slightly larger than the role of agents in the middle of the ocean, Such as a child's growth amid cultural favored to be human weak infrastructure

As is the case with anorexia nervosa, the girls threatened more ill bulimia nervosa There will be among more oriented towards perfection, but they at the same time enjoy the lowest level of self-esteem and appreciation for their photographs (especially in relation to their weight and shapes of their bodies) this is bulimia tips.
It will be 18 years of age the most common onset of the disease. Especially girls, who seek perfection and emerging artists and images of mannequins.

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